Meet Daniel Moore

Small Business IT Practitioner & Founder of Achieve IT

Daniel Moore's IT Story

Hi, I'm Daniel Moore, and I'd like to share a bit of my story with you.

I grew up with my 3 younger brother's, mother and father in Rotorua - New Zealand. Both mum and dad were hardworking citizens, and I didn't know anything else.

During Intermediate school (1998) my teacher sent me out of class to the ICT room and tasked me with building a website based on a topic we had been learning in class. I didn't know anything about the Internet, let alone what a website was but shortly after I grew a passion for coding HTML websites.

This is where my journey into technology began, and I had found my passion for computer's and the Internet!

I earned my first bit of pocket money designing websites for small businesses and organisation's.

Where IT All Began

I spent a bit of time with my grandfather playing around with computers, breaking things, learning and repairing, building systems and became a general whiz kid for family and friends.

It dawned on me that other users could do with help so I created a quick A4 flyer, printed it on our family dot matrix printer and delivered it in our neighborhood.

My year's of high school weren't that enthusing for me. I left shortly after starting Year 11 (5th form) and as my dad will put it "kicked stones" for a year.

My grandfather suggested completing I.T education, and enrolled me into a Diploma in ICT. After completing the Diploma, I worked part-time as an I.T Administrator at a local primary school.